STBP Finalists and Winners

The Donnell Epperson Soon-To-Be Published contest is for non-published members of the OKRWA Chapter.

This contest is for aspiring writers is named in loving memory of OKRWA member Donnell Epperson. After a hard-fought battle with cancer, she received her Angel wings and was called home February 2010. Resolute with unshakeable spirit, she was a joyful inspiration to all. She never stopped writing, teaching, judging, leading and encouraging other aspiring writers. Donnell’s accolades include: past president of OKRWA, porgram chair, NRCA chair, three-time winner of the STBP contest, finalist of the 2010 Golden Heart Award, beloved friend, wife, mother and writer.

She was, by sheer definition, the embodiment of the STBP. No obstacle shall stand in the way of a dream. And no dream is too big. Donnell dreamed big and lived life to the fullest. With this indomitable spirit, her memory will serve to inspire us all.


“Those who bring sunshine in the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves.” – James Barrie

Current and Past Winners and Finalists Archive


 1st Place

Neomort by Christy Gronlund
Second Place
Witcha’be by Anna Marie Kittrell
Third Place
Wicked Designs: A League of Rogues Novel by Lauren Smith



 1st Place

In the Arms of Aphrodite – Elizabeth Tyner

(Prize: Paid conference fee for RWA National conference and an extra four chances in the Lucienne Diver drawing)

Second Place: : The Cable Guy – Charlotte Schral

(Prize: An extra four chances in the Lucienne Diver drawing)

Third Place: The League of Rogues – Lauren Smith

(Prize: An extra three chances in the Lucienne Diver drawing)

Fourth Place Honorable Mention: Blessed Curse – Christy Gronlund

(Prize: An extra two chances in the Lucienne Diver drawing)

Fifth Place Honorable Mention: Hot Texan Temptation – Mary Jo Springer

(Prize: An extra chance in the Lucienne Diver drawing)


 1st Place

Mary Jo Springer

2nd Place – Elizabeth Tyner

3rd Place – Debi Rogers

4th Place –  Christine Gronlund

 5th Place – Diane Della Maggoria


1st Place

Sherri Buerkle

2nd Place: Danelle Hall

3rd Place: Heidi Vanlandingham


1st Place (TIE)

Donnell Epperson and Tina Novinski-Radcliffe

2nd Place: Mary Jo Springer

3rd Place: Debi Rogers


1st Place

Sheila Fields

2nd Place: Sherri Buerkle


1st Place

Willie Ferguson

2nd Place: Rinda Elliott

3rd Place: Tina Novinksi-Radcliffe


1st Place: Donnell Epperson

2nd Place: Alice Clary

3rd Place: Tina Novinski


1st Place: Cindy Marolt

2nd Place: Alice Clary

3rd Place: Sheila Cooper

HM: Betty Sanders, Willie Ferguson, Joyce Mullan, and Tina Novinski


1st Place: Tina Novinski

2nd Place: Alice Clary

3rd Place: Terri Weldon

HM: Willie Ferguson and Cindy Marolt


1st Place: Sheila Cooper

2nd Place: Jill Floyd

3rd Place: Renee-Marie Roy


1st Place: Libby Banks

2nd Place: Bobbie Gosnell

3rd Place: Willie Ferguson


1st Place: Donnell Epperson

2nd Place: Bobbie Gosnell

3rd Place: Gena Showalter

4th Place: Kelli McBride