August Progam – August 18, 2018 – 1:00 OKC Museum of Art:

Characters Who Grieve ~ Tamrie Foxtail and Anna Kittrell

Grief affects people in different ways. Who we are grieving for, what type of relationship we had with them and how they died, are just a few factors in how we grieve.

Since, as writers, we often present characters who are suffering, we can benefit from understanding more about the process. The woman grieving the death of her child may not act the same as her spouse grieving the loss of the same child. (Instant conflict)

Grieving characters can deny their grief, fold beneath the weight of it, suffer from depression, suffer from guilt, explode in anger, drink, sleep all day, etc.

Your hero or heroine might not be the character who is grieving, but they could be dealing with a character who is.

A well meaning character can say exactly the wrong thing while trying to offer comfort, leading to hurt feelings instead.

Death and grief have the potential to create a host of problems for your characters.

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