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The 2020 IDA Contest opens for Entries and Judge Applications on June 1, 2020

(Entries must have an original publication date of and must have been for sale in 2019 or 2020)

Entry form found here: ENTER THE IDA

IDA Coordinator Email:

Category Coordinators:

Contemporary – Cindy Sorenson-
Suspense – Krysta Scott
Erotic – Sabrina Fish
Historical – Vinita Eggers-
Inspirational – Vinita
Paranormal – Alicia Dean 
Young Adult – Alicia Dean

Category descriptions:

Novel Length: 50,000 words and longer – Short Length: 7,500 to 49,999 words.


Any Romance, Women’s Fiction, or other FICTION story set after 1960 that does not fall into one of the other categories.


Stories that contain explicit sexuality. The situations and settings may be contemporary, historical or paranormal. Please note: Entries portraying pedophilia, bestiality (this does not apply in respect to Paranormal shape-shifters), necrophilia, and/or snuff as acceptable sexual practices will be disqualified without notification or refund.


Novels are set in any time period prior to 1960, and take place in any location.


A story in which religious or spiritual beliefs (in the context of any religion or spiritual belief system) are blended with and form a significant part of the story.


Any story with otherworldly, supernatural, futuristic or paranormal elements including the genres of Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, Time Travel, Alternative History, and Paranormal/Paranormal Romance.


Includes mysteries, cozy mysteries, thrillers, suspense, and romantic suspense novels.


Stories targeted to young adult readers. In this category, the character arc is an important element of the novel, as is a voice and writing style suitable to young adults.

  • If your story is a mixed genre, it is up to you to determine which category you feel is the best fit.

  • Entries containing sexual situations involving human protagonists, under the American legal standard of eighteen (18) years, must be reviewed by the Contest Chair prior to entry. The exception is in the Young Adult category. Please keep in mind that the YA category is meant for younger readers and all entries involving sexual situations in YA entries will be monitored for content.