Judging Application

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(Please note the NEW email address for the main coordinator:  IDAOKRWA1@aol.com – Judge applications and questions may be sent there. Entries must be sent to the individual category coordinators found here:  https://okrwa.com/contests/international-digital-awards/contest-categories/)

Thank you for volunteering to judge the International Digital Awards. Please be sure that you have the time to read the entries (you are agreeing to judge up to 5 entries if you sign up) and judge them fairly based upon the scoring system you will receive. After you decide which category you would like to judge by reading the descriptions on the category pages, please send an email, making sure to follow the below instructions/format. You should receive a confirmation email within a week of contacting us. If you do not, please check back with the coordinator. In mid July, you will be contacted by email by a Category Coordinator with judging instructions and the entries you will be scoring. SCORES MUST BE RETURNED BY September 30, 2016.

(For details click here: Judging FAQs)

Send an email to IDAOKRWA1@aol.com with…

1) Subject line: Judging – First 3 categories by preference (example: Judging – Contemporary, Historical, Suspense)

Contest organizers will do their best to ensure your first choice of category. However, the number of judges needed is based on the number of entries in each category. As such, we cannot guarantee you will get your first choice or that you will be chosen to judge.

2) In the body of the email, please list:

  • Name

  • Phone Number

  • All categories you are willing to judge, including the ones listed in the subject line. (see below for complete list)

  • Whether you prefer to judge novels, shorts, or either

Please list your choice(s) of category below in numbered order of preference, 1 – 7. If you will not judge a category, do not include it on your list. For your convenience, here’s the List of Categories:

  • Contemporary

  • Erotica

  • Historical

  • Inspirational

  • Paranormal

  • Suspense

  • Young Adult