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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is the entry fee?

A: The entry fee is $35.00 for each title entered. You may enter as many titles as you wish. There is an additional $5.00 charge if you enter the Best First Book category.

Q: Do I have to submit my electronically published entry on a diskette?

A: No, you do not have to submit your entry on a disk. The only stipulations are:

1) The book must be presented in a bound format, either perfect or spiral binder.  No 3-ring binders please. 

2) And you must provide evidence of the copyright year designated for the contest.

Q: Can I enter my novella? 

A: Yes, we have reinstated the novella category and eliminated the regency category. Regency romances should now be entered in the Historic category.

Q: What stipulations are there if I want to submit a non-U.S. novel?

A: The only stipulations for non-U.S. novels are:

1) The entry must have been for sale in the United States at some time during the year designated for the contest.

2) And the work must carry a “First U.S. Printing” date or have a letter from the publisher regarding the U.S. release date.

Q: Where do I locate the coordinator’s address to mail my entry? Can I mail my entry early?

A: The contact information for our contest coordinators are generally posted on the NRCA website by late November. You may send your entry form and fee early to our OK-RWA Treasurer (see website), but your book will not be due to the category coordinator until January 15th. Once your category coordinator has contacted you, you can mail your books at any time before the deadline.

Q: If my book goes on sale late in the year, but carries a copyright for the following year, how do I determine if my entry will qualify for the current year contest?

A: Books for the current year’s contest must carry a copyright for the applicable year. The only exception would be if your publisher could provide a letter stating the book is physically available for sale in bookstores in the applicable year for the contest. (This does not include advance online purchases prior to the book officially being available for sale.)

Q: How do I decide what category to enter my short contemporary that’s not a series?

A: Definitely enter the work in the most appropriate category for its word count. The lines mentioned on our website are only examples. 

Q: Are e-books eligible for this contest?

A: Yes, e-books are eligible. However, they must be printed and bound (either perfect binding or spiral binding). See our NRCA Rules for details. E-book entries will utilize the “first” date of printing, i.e., the date they went into “e” publication, rather than when/if your book becomes available in trade or mass market paperback. Whether your book is published in “digital” and/or traditional print format in the same year, you must submit your entry in printed format. Electronic submissions will not be accepted.

Q: What if my entry is considered single-title by my publisher, but is listed at a bookseller as a series? Should I enter it as a single-title or a long contemporary series romance? 

A: Enter your work into the category that best fits it. If you believe it can compete as a single-title, for example, then enter it as a single-title work. 

Q: My novel is a NA (New Adult). What category should I enter it in?

A: If your targer market includes readers in their teens and the “heat” level of the romance is mild, we suggest you enter it in the YA category. If your book is sexy and targeted to more mature audiences, we suggest entering it in one of the contemporary categories, based on word count.

Q: Can I submit an entry that is published by a non-RWA-recognized publisher?

A: Yes, entries from non-RWA-recognized publishers are eligible so long as an element of romance is a part of the submission. Enter your work in the appropriate category for the level of romance.

Q: If I live in a foreign country, how can I arrange for the entry fee given the fluctuation of the exchange rate?

A. You can pay your entry fee in US funds through PayPal (you will be directed there immediately after entry using the entry form), or at a later date. If paying at a later date, the address used should be treasurer@OKRWA.com

Note: If nothing happens when you click the PayPal button, right click on the button and choose “Open Link” or “Open Link in New Window.”

If you need additional PayPal help, click this button. 

Q: This is my first book. Is it necessary to submit an entry form for both the category I am entering AND a form for the Best First Book Category?  How does the fee work for Best First Book?

A:  Only one form is necessary. Just indicate this is your first book and enclose an extra $5.00.  Therefore, the fee for your entry would be $35.00 for your entry and an additional $5.00 for your first book to be considered in the Best First Book Category.

Q: How do I become a reader judge for the NRCA?

A: A person wishing to be a reader judge must fill out our online application and submit it. We decide on a first come-first chosen process. The application becomes available online September 15th. Judges need to reapply each year when the new form goes “live.” Please check the NRCA Details page for updates during that month if you wish to be considered as a judge.

Q: When will finalists be notified?

A: Category coordinators will begin notifying finalists on or around May15th. Winners will be announced at the Romance Writers of American National Conference.