OK-RWA History

If you’re interested in joining or learning more about OK-RWA, please contact the current OKRWA President.

May 11, 1989, twelve Oklahoma City area members of Romance Writers of America (eleven in person, one in spirit) met and formed OK-RWA. Three more meetings followed, all open to interested RWA members, in which we discussed and decided upon things such as chapter goals, bylaws, and basic policies and procedures.

Three short months later, Oklahoma Romance Writers of America was ready to roll. We had adopted a set of bylaws, we were in the process of filing for Federal tax-exempt status with the IRS, we were incorporating as a non-profit organization within the State of Oklahoma, we published the first edition of our newsletter, the OK CORRAL, and we had grown to 35 members, 15 of which were already published Romance novelists.

Some of our Founders and Charter Members have left us over the years, but this is who we were when we began:

CHARTER MEMBERS   Founding Member *


Nancy Berland* 1989 – Peggy Moreland
Alma Blair* 1990 – Karren Radko
Willena Ferguson* 1991 – Karren Radko
Marie Golloway* 1992 – Pat Shaver
Georgina Gentry* 1993 – Sharon Sala
Janis Reams Hudson* 1994 – Cheryl Anne Porter
Patsy Klingstedt* 1995 – Merline Lovelace
Peggy Moreland* 1996 – Merline Lovelace
Cheryl Anne Porter* 1997 – Debra Cowan
Karren Radko* 1998 – Sharon Sala
Wendy Rego* 1999 – Rinda Elliott
Pat Shaver* 2000 – Rinda Elliott
Mary Beadles 2001 – Jill Floyd
Sonya Birmingham 2002 – Jill Floyd
Irene Black 2003 – Donnell Epperson
Charlene Buerger 2004 – Ammanda McCabe
Maureen Bullinger 2005 – Terri Schaefer
Sherry Bynum 2006 – Deb Behrens
Deborah Camp 2007 – Vicki Hudoba
Jackie Casto 2008 – Christy Gronlund
Debra Cowan 2009 – Peggy Beaty
Elizabeth Dew 2010 – Kathy Wheeler
Jean Hager
Brenda Hamilton
Barbara Kaye
Jacqueline King
Curtiss Ann Matlock
Deborah Morris
Sara Orwig
Elaine Quinn
Barbara Shelton