Short Romance Novels To Read

If you’re looking for a good read, but don’t have enough free time for an extended book, short romance novels are perfect! They’re usually under 100 pages long, so they’re easier to get into and finish. This article will list some of our favorite short love stories that people of all ages will enjoy.

And He Shall Rule Over Her by Sophie Kisker

The novel allows readers to join Becca as she gets married, but this is a type of wedding that you’re unlikely to have witnessed before. Becca agrees to wear the collar provided by her groom and submits to public spanking in front of all the guests…

Share My World by D. Rose

After years apart, Kalei and Xander return to Ocean City where they enjoyed their most precious memories years ago. Now, when being grown-up and heartbroken, they still feel the attraction and chemistry between their souls.

Long Way Gone by Charles Martin

Cooper isn’t lucky as a songwriter and singer. The only treasure he has is Daley, a beloved woman who has an extraordinary voice. After something devastating happens, Cooper comes back to Colorado. The two reconnect a few years later, but it seems that Cooper can’t reveal the truth about his past to Daley.

I Think I Might Need You by Christina C. Jones

Joia Love is a happy content creator because she can live her life fully. She focuses on what it takes to attract new followers. However, Theodore Graham is a player who may change all this soon.

Quarantined With My Best Friend’s Brother by Teresa Hodge

Accidental circumstances bring two people together. Their conflicting feelings seem even bigger than before, but this time it’s not only one who’s struggling to resist. Is it possible that Kyle wants his neighbor just as bad? A locked apartment is full of temptation.

Go Deep by Rilzy Adams

What happens when an erotic writer’s popularity has waned? She needs a boost! So Navaya makes an eccentric deal with her closest friend to get more inspiration and to make steamy scenes even better now! But the one kiss isn’t everything she’s got. And the problem is Navaya can’t stop.

Home to Him by Kendra Roberts

Emma and Gavin have been pals since they were children. The two decide to marry in the summer after college. But everything turns upside down after the death of Elizabeth, their closest friend. Emma leaves their hometown never to return. But she’s back five years later, weighed down with grief, guilt, and concern about meeting Gavin again.

Here we go with some more short romance books in English:

●     Love Unsolicited by Alexandra Warren;

●     Gingerbread & the Guy Next Door by Piper Cook;

●     Open House by Ruby Lang;

●     Christmas with the McCarthys: A Dangerous Doms Novella by Jane Henry;

●     Bear With Me by Lucy Eden;

●     The Beach House by Megan Jacobs;

●     Just One More by Jodie Slaughter;

●     Grumpy Jake by Melissa Blue.

Now you know how to spend a few hours of your spare time. These short stories are worth your attention, so give them a try!

What other novels would you add to our list? Let us know in the comments.

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