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It’s hard to find a romance light novel that would be worth your time. Some are too cheesy, some are too weird, and some just don’t make any sense. However, there is a whole world of amazing romance novels that will grip the readers and sweep them off their feet. Our list includes the top 6 romance light novels in English. Our choice is based on ratings and reviews from customers like you. Check them out now!

What are the top-selling romance light novels?

Here are the greatest books in this genre. They’re perfect for those people who love a heartwarming story with just a touch of romance.

Toradora (by Yuyuko Takemiya)

The novel is always included on top lists of the most popular light novels. It tells the story of Ryuji Takasu (the male protagonist) and Taiga Aisaka (the female protagonist). They’re neighbors who spend so much time together that they begin to fall in love with each other.

There’s No Way A Side Character Like Me Could Be Popular, Right? (by Sekaiichi)

Tomoko is a young boy who looks like the typical side character. He has no friends, and all of his attempts at socializing have failed horribly. But then a young girl named Haruma asks him to be her fake boyfriend, and Tomoko accepts, bringing popularity into his life.

I’m in Love With the Villainess (by Inori)

In this isekai novel, a young girl named Rei is reincarnated into her favorite otome game, where she lusts after Clair, the main antagonist. To stop the coming revolution from destroying their happy ending, Rei tries to save Claire before it’s too late.

Chivalry of a Failed Knight (by Riku Misora)

This book follows a boy named Ikki Kurogane. He has no magical or sword skills, which makes all his family look down on him. When Ikki enrolls in a school for knights, he meets Stella Vermillion, a beautiful and brilliant student. Ikki falls in love with her and works hard to become stronger so that he may protect her.

Spice & Wolf (by Hasekura Isuna)

This story is set in the medieval era and tells us about a traveling merchant named Lawrence Kraft who comes across Holo, a tavern girl. She draws Kraft’s attention at once because she has red hair and talks about many complicated subjects that Laurence can’t understand. He thinks of Holo as another apprentice, but things take an unexpected turn.

Tearmoon Empire (by Nozomu Mochitsuki)

The novel protagonist is Mia, a spoiled princess of a fallen empire. She met a bad end by guillotine, but then, as a toddler, she’s given another opportunity to live out her life. Armed with the knowledge of her future, she works hard to avoid it now. The young romance here is endearing because instead of looking for a perfect prince, Mia chooses to build a strong relationship with the overlooked second prince of another kingdom.

We hope you enjoyed our list of six light novels for adults. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below.

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