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OKRWA is an official chapter of Romance Writers of America. Membership in OKRWA is open to all members in good standing of Romance Writers of America. Annual Chapter dues for OKRWA are $30. If paid by the end of January, an early bird discount of $5 is offered, so dues are $25. If new members join after June 30th, the pro-rated amount for dues is $20.00. Dues will again be due at the beginning of the following year. 

Current members needing to pay dues can send a check to the OKRWA Treasurer or pay using PAYPAL at

If you are already an RWA member, email the OKRWA Treasurer at to request an application. Dues cannot be accepted until the OKRWA Treasurer receives the completed form, including your RWA membership number.

RWA chapter meetings are for RWA members only, and RWA requires that members be at least 18 years old.

Romance Writers of America is a national organization of and for romance writers. RWA annual dues are $99, plus a one-time processing fee for new and r members of $25. For more information and to join online, visit the RWA MEMBERSHIP PAGE. Or you can contact RWA by mail:

Romance Writers of America

14615 Benfer Rd

Houston, TX 77069

You can also call (832) 717-5200, email them at, or visit its web site.

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